Wearing a tank top on the street is quite a tricky thing. Its reputation has suffered and in principle such a shirt is only acceptable on a basketball court and maybe in the gym depending on your physique. A muscle shirt doesn’t make you muscular just as little as a sports car makes you sporty. And most importantly it is only acceptable until a certain age and with a properly depilated back and shoulders.

So why am I wearing one? For starters because I can’t accept growing older and secondly because on a summer day in Punta del Este the thermometer climbs easily to 30-plus; sadly matching my age. And since I do not know anybody here it is the perfect place for some testing of different looks.

I found this shirt months ago in a little shop in Thailand and have been patiently waiting to finally wear it, even if it is for one short photo shooting. I like the print with Mars Blackmon (watch the Nike commercials with Michael Jordan and Spike Lee as die-hard NY Knicks fan) and it made me feel all juvenescent (also a word I was trying to squeeze into an article for ages). And while I was at it I combined the shirt with some destroyed jeans just to go the whole nine yards and beg for nasty comments.

I understand this outfit may not be for everybody and it won’t certainly make it to any highfashion magazine, but sometimes you just need to lay back, enjoy the summer breeze and take your chances. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t – even Tom Ford has a bad day…maybe.