O’Farrell in Manantiales – O’my god!

Although Punta del Este is widely known for its exuberant lifestyle and the number of restaurants easily matches the number of yachts in the port, it is always a challenge to find a hidden gem in such a sparkling environment.

To find it you should leave Punta and drive some miles along the coast to the small town of Manantiales. In a more relaxed atmosphere and slightly more “accessible” prices (although this is all relative and needs a separate passage to clarify), there is a small restaurant which is right up there with the best.

 Excursus: I was shocked! I knew that PdE is called the St Tropez of South America but being right next to very affordable Argentina I was not ready for this! It’s just ridiculous…Unless you are Floyd “I will be broke after my career in 2 days because of my private jets and Bugattis” Mayweather, you should really compare prices and inform yourself before walking into an ambush. So, if you are going to spend your hard earn bucks on something, it should better be really worth it. In my world there’s no room for mistakes at 12$ for a bottle of water…

Having said that, I was kind of lucky to find this excellent place. Everything from the cozy interior, to the great team and the awesome food made the evening a night to remember. The recommendations from our waiter regarding wine and mains were spot on. And finally a barman that lives up to the expectations of the job description – try their signature drink and thank me later.

Our Menue:

  • Amouse Bouche : Deconstructed Tortilla with truffle
  • Starter 1: Tiradito de salmón
  • Starter 2: Pizza
  • Main 1: Jumbo Prawns
  • Main 2: Slow roasted Pork Belly

Everything was fresh, skillfully cooked and just plain delicious.

Muchas Gracias O’Farrell!