Black Box Men

Men’s grooming has become quite sophisticated since the old days of water, soap and after-shave. And the beauty industry has discovered that there is also money to be made with us, so new and often expensive specialized products are being launched on a daily basis. Thanks again for that David…unfortunately Victoria doesn’t pay our invoices.

So how can you keep track of new products and test them before going all-in? Well, you could subscribe for the Black Box Men. You will receive a box on a quarterly basis containing different products from different brands as well as a magazine (GQ, Bolero Men, etc.)

Some of the products come in special sizes; meaning small; but the upside to it is that you can easily pack them in your hand luggage on your next weekend trip and try them where no one knows you.

The current Winter edition contains the following:

So far I have just read the magazine and brushed my teeth with the whitening toothpaste and no complaints.