X-Mas ideas Nr 4, 5 and 6

Because unlike George Michael you can’t give away your heart every Christmas you may need at least a small present for friends and family.

Here are three additional ideas:

1. Corkers

Pin your corks to life – the slogan basically describes it pretty well. Just add this to a nice bottle of wine and you are ready to go.



2. Triumph & Disaster

Not any face scrub, but the Rock & Roll Suicide from the New Zealand brand Triumph & Disaster. Manly scent (smoke and wood), manly design (All black fo course coming from NZ) and free of chemicals, this volcano ash based scrub will peel your face on a weekly basis to make it look brand new. Visit their homepage to discover their interesting history (it involves cricket and vodka) and a wide range of products.IMG_2370

3. Izola Shoe Horn

Most guys will need sooner or later a pair of dressing shoes in their life and although some awkward examples of our species still thinks that it is ok to show up at the office with the pair of shoes worn at their Communion, luckily most will opt for a slick pair of real leather shoes. Once the shoe problem is solved the next one already waits around the corner: How do I get into my perfectly fitting shoes? A shoe horn. For example a brass plated shoe horn by Izola. They come with a nice leather strap and an engraving. Time to throw away your free give-away plastic shoe horn; and while you are at it also your battered, rubber soled, square dress shoes and show some style.IMG_2377IMG_2371