Idealizer – Vichy Homme

Let’s face it: Ever since facial hair had its comeback a couple of years ago, it was the salvation for many guys on the planet – except for most Asians. No matter how ugly or boring you look, grow a beard, get some ink and your lonely days are over.

It’s no wonder that many of the large beauty brands started jumping on the bandwagon and developing grooming products specifically for the urban man. Although no self-respecting lumberjack would consider letting anything else but water and whisky near his mouth, it is fully accepted nowadays that a full-grown beard needs care.

Vichy was kind enough to send me a sample of their newest product for testing: IDEALIZER. This is great because it actually gives me a plausible reason to justify my morning laziness and still makes me look neat. And after 4 weeks first results such as softer facial hair and better skin will show.  Apparently the most influential factors to make your skin age are: lack of sleep (it is Sunday 1 a.m. -check!), alcohol (double-check), unhealthy food (does the cucumber in the drink account for nothing?) and stress…So, unless you are a monk in some monastery in the Himalayas, it is time to think about some damage control.

Right now I am halfway through the first month and a couple of days ago someone thought I was almost half my age-my actual age not my mental one. I guess this speaks for itself. And do not forget; sooner or later the clean-shaved man will become fashionable again and at the latest then you will be happy to have been taking care of the skin underneath your beard. Prevention is better than cure.

One of my preferred features of the moisturizer is that it has a very likable but discreet scent. It doesn’t smell of cologne like your grandpa on a Sunday morning before church.

Now that you can finally drink and smoke as much as you want, I have also found a way to recycle your waste and reinforce your masculinity while doing your beauty treatment: