VIU – Framing Characters

Yesterday evening it was time to celebrate the first anniversary of VIU at their flagship store in Zurich.

This start-up has already come a long way since the initial idea: Affordable eyewear, designed in Switzerland and crafted in Italy. No middle men, no license fees, just quality and lifestyle for less than a train ticket from Zurich to Geneva.

Every pair of glasses is made out of cellulose acetate in a process that takes more than 80 manual steps from start to the last finish. And the team at VIU vouches for the quality of the glasses. The only thing you need to organize previously to your shopping trip is a prescription from an optometrist; in understandable words: Go to any of the large eyewear stores, make a test for 20 bucks and bring it along.

The event itself was quite successful. There were free chestnuts, free drinks and a giant photo booth by monkeybooth, which was one of the main attractions of the night. Personally I was looking forward to the Gin bar since it was exclusively sponsored by Gin Mare. One of my favourite liquors and not only because of my origin. The only problem was that if you ever invite a Spaniard to a free drink event, you should be ready to pour some serious amounts of liquor – no compromises and forget about the tonic, dashes of orange, marmalade and other snobbishness. Ice, rosemary and Gin is plenty. Luckily, I was in an eyewear store and therefore I was able to borrow some glasses off the rack to be able to see the 0.01CL of gin and I must say the glasses really work well.

Happy first birthday VIU and many more to come!