Polaroid Cube

Polaroid Cube

Usually I am not into gadgets. I am very ungifted when it comes to technical stuff and it is a miracle that I was able to even set up this blog. It took me several hours of “how to…” on google and most things are still a little off.

When I saw the Polaroid Cube in a magazine I knew that could be something. I didn’t look at any of the features – I actually hardly ever do- I just liked the design. A small rubber cube that fits easily in the palm of your hand and is water and shock resistant. It is very light despite the rugged feel it has to it. Plus it is easy to handle (1 USB cable – that’s it); so what is there not to like?

So I started looking for the cam that was not available in Europe at that moment and found it in the Photojojo store. Now, this is a webpage that is designed in a very cool manner and of course you will find a camera with a rainbow on it. I wish I had the talent to design my blog like them but then again I would most probably need to start writing about unicorns and elves… Anyway, I was in hunting mood and my prey was only a click away.

So basically it is the little, less overengineered brother of the famous GoPro to put it very bluntly. Some tech nerds may kill me for this comparison, but to an average Joe like me it feels that way. It does wide-angle (124°) pictures and HD videos in 1080p/720p. No more, no less.

Another very cool feature is the magnet on the bottom which allows you to stick the camera to anything that has a metal surface like for example the handlebar of your bike or the roof of your car, unless you are lucky enough to own a carbon fibre car – but in such case the only camera you need to worry about is the one of the police.

So why not just use your phone to take pictures and videos? Because there will be some situations where you don’t want to use your new phone like for example at the beach, in the snow or under water. I understand that those situations are limited but that’s exactly why the Cube is the right choice: it is “only” 99$. You don’t need to go pro and can still make some cool short movies.

The only downside to it that you never know with what kind of pictures or videos you are going to end up until you plug the cam into your computer. But that may also be the beauty of it; go on holidays and once you are back in the daily routine you will still have a surprise to cheer you up.

I understand that the market for POV cameras  (ha, got you there, didn’t I? Google it! Until 5 minutes ago I thought it was some kind of weird sex technique) is very competitive and this shall not be any comparison about which one is best simply because I do not have the money to buy them all. Let’s just say that I do not regret this purchase.

And I almost forgot – check out the new monkey stand for the cube that is about to hit the stores. Hunting mood on….