Café Boy – Much more than coffee

Café Boy

I will admit that the name may be confusing. It is not a coffee-house and isn’t located at Christopher’s street either. The name is just a historical relict. It is just a restaurant….a damned good one.

Amongst foodies and bonvivants this place is not a secret any longer. In fact it has been on the radar of food enthusiasts since Stefan Iseli and Jann Hoffmann took over in 2010.

Every time I visit this place I am impressed by the quality of the food and also by the friendliness of the staff. Very often -and especially if you have been rewarded with 14 Gault-Milliau-Points- the quality of service starts dropping and the prices increasing. Not here, Stefan still welcomes his guests personally and will recommend always the matching wine for your course or entire meal. You can literally feel his passion for wine and he takes pride in he is always keen to find less known wines which are still affordable.

The interior is clean and cozy without being pretentious. It is not one of those places where you want to apologize for stepping inside.

The food is just great – full stop.

They are not trying to re- invent or copy any of the impossible to pronounce dishes you can find nowadays in many places, but stick to simple dishes like your mom used to do. Ok, there is always a subtle twist in each plate, which puts your cooking aficionado skills into perspective.

My dinner yesterday?

Look at the pictures. It was once again incredibly good. The scallops on the lentil stew are worth a special mention and so does the perfectly cooked veal. This must have been a very happy animal.

And last but not least, the dessert. I hardly ever order dessert. I am not too fond of sweets and I prefer just an espresso. But I tried a spoon of the chai ice cream of my girlfriend and had a hard time containing myself. THIS is how chai is supposed to taste…

Although there are plenty of great restaurants in Zurich, this is still my favourite one. Most probably it is the best money for value restaurant in the city. There I said it! If you don’t agree please write me an e-mail to: