Suit up!

Lookbook Autumn 14

This article is long overdue. Actually when I started blogging I thought fashion would be my main focus and strong suit. Boy was I wrong….

All of a sudden doubts and panic crept up on me like Freddy does on teens. Do I really know anything about fashion and style? Does anyone? How will people react? Can I stand any chance against all the pro bloggers and fashionistas from the first row?

My initial idea was to post my own outfits and point out some details. Simple. And if that goes well to start adding outfits of friends and people on the street, although talking to some unknown dude may become awkward and most probably creepy because he may not like it or even worse really like it. Anyway let’s not open that door and stay with the topic. So how do you begin? In principle easy – take or find a good picture. Hmmm…a selfie will not do here so call a friend. This sounds easy but is actually a though one because you will need constantly new pictures. I already apologize here in advance for the quality of the forthcoming pictures.

Then select an outfit. It should be something that I own myself so that everybody can relate to it.  I guess everybody by now knows the feeling when you browse through a fashion bible to find the piece you always wanted and the read the fashion credits…Sweater Prada – 6’750$ …yeah right. Not even if I sell my kidneys and my soul…so you go to the store and try to find the next best thing which will never make it up to the image in your head but will save you 6’721$ or you wait like myself for the sale of the sale of the end-year sale and pray that you will fit into the clothes.

And as a last step, be brave. Whenever you start analyzing pictures of yourself you will find flaws. And someone will always know better – always! Let me quote Mr. Carter here:

“Everybody can tell you how to do it, they never did it” (Already Home -Jay-Z)

So, let’s get it over with and start somewhere. Likes appreciated, critic accepted: