The best sandwich in town?

Good to Go

The best sandwich in town.

This is quite an announcement. So let’s see if they can walk it like they talk it.

The name “Good to Go” already implies that you won’t need to make a table reservation in advance. It is a small take-away place in the old town of Zurich, with one employee and a clearly arranged menu. Although the interior is simple, there are some nice details and it has somehow an american flair to it (think of meatpacking in NY). In addition to the food they also sell books and other items which are provided by Affaire46 a concept store nearby.

So far, so good.

Following my friend’s advice I ordered the Hot Pastrami sandwich with Sauerkraut. Apparently this is a classic and one of the most tasty sandwiches they offer. The sandwich consists of two slices of rye bread (sourdough) baked and delivered by John Baker in Zurich, 120 grams of pastrami made in Switzerland, home-made mustard and Sauerkraut. Once put together the sandwich gets brushed with a thin layer of butter and lands on a toaster.

The result is a delicious warm sandwich; clearly above average in taste and quality of the ingredients. And the best part is that all the packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable.

So is there any downside? Well, the price to pay for a bite is steep. Very steep actually. I understand that the costs for ingredients, staff and rent are expensive in Zurich, since I do live here all year round, but 16.50CHF for a sandwich is questionable. This price doesn’t include a drink nor any sides and if you are hungry you may crave easily for a second one. Of course pricing is always very subjective and you need to assess for yourself how much you are willing to spend.

In summary, an above average sandwich, among the best in town. Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to taste any other thing, therefore there may be even better things on the menu and the scope of the review is quite limited. Good to Go may be here to stay.