How to surprise your girlfriend


Be warned, this will not be easy. It will take some effort, a bulletproof story and friends that can keep their mouth shut. My (tested) plan for a surprise weekend:

1. Book a flight to foreign city. Not to far, you don’t want to spend half your weekend traveling but not in your country, otherwise you can’t break the daily routine (as long as there is data roaming every picture of a puppy will get more attention than yourself). My pick:

London? Yes, London. You know, fish, chips, cup o’ tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary fuckin’ Poppins … London!

2. Book a nice accommodation. You are not traveling with your buddies. You will be spending time in your room and you want it to be clean and comfy. Invest the extra buck, because otherwise you will end up paying for it anyway…

My choice:

The Master Suite in the St. Pancras Clock Tower

The times were only hunchbacks used to live in a clock tower are over. So if you want to impress your Esmeralda book an unexpected location out of to ordinary in a stunning and historic building with great views. Ever since I came across an interview with Brian Chesky, founding member of AirBnB, where he mentioned his top 5 stays, I knew that I had to book the clock tower apartment. Luckily I was able to find a free slot (book in advance, way in advance actually) and Peter, the host is a great guy. The whole process was uncomplicated and we felt right away at home. And top of it, the location is perfect since you are living next to the subway station of King’s Cross and on a sunny morning you can walk along the Rengent’s canal to the Camden Market.

Now that you booked the flight and accommodation you need to handle the most delicate part. How do I get her to a) the airport and b) to pack for a weekend in London? Well my friends, it takes imagination, a poker face and some help from friends but I made-so you can too. I told you it won’t be easy.

3. Take her out for a fancy dinner. Check my previous post on Bob Bob Ricard. There are millions of great places in London; and NO a kebab won’t do it this time.

4. Shopping. Well, I guess this is pretty much self-explanatory and you won’t find any troubles finding shopping opportunities in London.So get out of her way, buy her a little present and carry the bags.

5. Enjoy