Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber

Chucks Rubber




More Rain.



And there it is! An icon on your feet to lift up your spirits and bring a blazing dash of colour into your life.

The new Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber allows you to wear one of your all-time favourite sneakers on rainy days while keeping your socks dry. Because you don’t want to be wearing your suede dessert boots, your white on white limited edition sneakers or your italian handmade monkstraps during the apocalypse. This is your weapon of choice for the next festival season in Switzerland (remember Frauenfeld Open Air 2013…) and it will awake some childhood memories. Who didn’t play football with his rubber boots, which then usually either slipped of your feet with every kick or bended at every change of direction so that your sole ended up on the side of your foot instead of under it?

The monocromatic new Chucks come in 7 colors. I personally went for the yellow because it makes me feel like little miss sunshine but if you are less of a daredevil you may want to check the pineneedle (meaning dark green) or black ones.

Somewhere a barefoot Noah must be screaming in his Ark…