Bob Bob Ricard

Press for Champagne

If you ever happen to be in Soho, London with some spare cash in you pocket and feeling hungry then you should definitely visit Bob Bob Ricard. Well, in theory…in practice it takes a reservation a couple of weeks in advance, an elegant outfit and a drop dead gorgeous girl on your side: check, check and hell yeah.

Let’s start with the interior:

It looks like a stage setting from the Great Gatsby only more opulent and with a touch of newly rich Russian decadence. The guests are seated in private booths which are very comfy and allow for some privacy. It is like NY, you either love it or hate it. Personally I liked it because it is different and makes you feel like in a vintage movie.

The food:

Russian signature dishes: Caviar, Oysters, Mushroom Vareniki, Smoked Borsch…you get the idea. Everything we tried was good to yummi. The baked oysters brezhnev are specially worth of mention. Only downer, the plates are very clearly arranged; meaning that this ain’t an all you can eat place. Set back your inner caveman for once and just enjoy.

The drinks:

Now we are getting to the highlight. The signature frink of the house is the Rhubarb Gin & Tonic and although priced at 13.75£ is is worth every drop! This is a must-full stop. No wonder the liquor made up for half of the nights bill.


A unique experience with very attentive staff and great drinks and food. And where else do you ave a “Press for Champagne” button? It’s hilarious and the perfect detail for a stunning location. Well done BBR!