The Tie Bar

The Tie Bar

Ever since Don Draper had his first Old Fashioned I have been hooked to Mad Men and kept an eye to their wardrobe. Not that I would consider wearing a suit from the 60ies (a little bit too wide for my taste and age) but the details are spot on. Tie bars, pocket squares, tortoise sunglasses, cuff links and suspenders…classy and the perfect accessory for a Mad Men 2.0. Don’t wear them all at the same time (less is still more) but try different styles until you find your look.

The main problem for me was finding all those accessories at a reasonable price and with a large selection of colours and fabric. Luckily I discovered in early 2013 a picture in the US edition of GQ of a fairly famous guy wearing a tie bar and checked the fashion credits. And that’s how I discovered The Tie Bar. I may regret to disclose this insiders’ tip because you won’t find many guy in Zurich wearing tie bars, but I really think that the guys deserve all the credit. Fast delivery, large selection and fair prices (except for the Swiss customs, which is a special topic – no matter what you order Switzerland is always in the same category as Fiji, Burkina Faso and Middle-Earth, meaning the highest price bracket).

Another special thing that I would like to mention is that not only Jesse Tyler from Modern Family has an own bow tie line but also Dwayne Wade. It may be unusual for an European that a NBA star would launch a line of ties but the ballers have stepped up their fashion game and it is not all about baggy pants and snapbacks anymore.

Your new slogan?

Wear Your Good Tie. Every Day